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The Western Nebraska Sheep and Goat Association mission is to support, improve and strengthen the Western Nebraska's sheep and goat Ag community and it's infrastructure, through education, networking and marketing programs.
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Jim and his wife Coleen are members of WNSGA  and many of you may have known him as the Vice-President of NS&GP.  They have been producers for about 7 years.  Both Jim and Coleen had both sheep and goats before.  To them it looked like the show goats were about to take off as the numbers were going up quickly.  They Raise Boer meat goats, both show wethers as well as breeding does and billies.  

Coleen shared "our program is for the kids.  Jim and I were both in 4-H.   Jim was also in FFA as well as our kids.  We know how much these programs helped us in everything we do.  This is one of our main goals to raise goats kids can learn from and go on to compete on a National level".

They do a great job of caring for their goats.  They get excellent performance through a sound feeding and management program.  They work closely with their veterinarian and correct and problem that arises early. 

The bottom line is the Donaldson's have shown that a tremendous herd of goats can be established in a fairly short time with a modest investment in facilities and breeding stock.  Hard work and excellent animal husbandry utilizing modern technology has paid off for them.
(excerpts from the Nebraska Sheep and Goats Association Newsletter dated May/June 2014)

In Remembrance....  
        Jim Donaldson  DK Boer Goats
               of Broadwater, NE
Sadly we say "goodbye" to a wonderful man.  Jim passed away on  September 28, 2014.  He will be missed by many people, and always remembered as that wonderful man who cared about the kids and had a great time raising a few goats along the way.
A Memorial Fund in Jim's honor is being established.
More info will be available but it will involve youth and meat goats.
Information  about contributing will be posted as soon as it is available.
Any questions contact Ivan Rush